15 Day Book Blogging Challenge!|Day One

I saw April C. (@booksandwine on Twitter) post this 15 Book Blogging Challenge and I thought it’d be something interesting to try. It won’t be daily, and I don’t know that I can answer all 15, but there’s only so much talk about writing that I can do. Seeing as I read obsessively, this will work out just fine! 15-Day-Challenge

Day One: Make 15 book-related confessions

1) I have book guilt. I own so many books, and keep buying more, and I feel terrible for not finishing the ones I have. Or not starting them, in most cases. Due to the new budget (IE, No books) I’m hoping to solve this problem.

2) I love interesting villains. Don’t just be evil because. Have a reason. That’s the way to my heart.

3) I COMPLETELY judge books by their covers. I’m obsessed with typography and the prettier the book, the more likely I am to buy it.

4) Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud series are the first Romance book I’ve read. Turns out I didn’t hate Romance, I just hate Romance without plot. Also bludbunnies. And killer world-building.

5) I’ve been getting more into science books lately. Not science-fiction, but actual science study. I’m a sucker for 1800s surgical theatre and psychology.

6) If your MC has a silly name, I probably won’t take your book seriously. I’m looking at you, Theseus Cassio. (Anna Dressed in Blood was still pretty good, but that name…)

7) Last year, a survey said the average American reads 6 books a year. I read 156, ebooks and physical.

8) I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% ok with ebooks, but I’m coming around.

9) I can’t check books out of libraries. I am forever unwilling to give them back.

10) There’s nothing I love more than reading crime novels and thrillers in public, in the prettiest dress I own.

11) I must have adult supervision any time I’m in a bookstore, even though I’m 24. I’ve been known to spend hours wandering in them after a promise of only being a few minutes.

12) I just don’t get science-fiction.

13) The three things that get me are broken hearts, kickass MCs, and supernatural things. Needless to say, In The Shadow of Blackbirds destroyed me.

14) I still don’t like Pride and Prejudice, but I did love the Lizzie Bennett Diaries.

15) I faked my way through American lit in college. I hate 90% of Old White Men writers. Faulkner only gets a pass for “A Rose for Emily.”

BONUS: Never, ever insult Charles Dickins on a subway in London.

What are YOUR book-related confessions? Feel free to comment below, and check out the original post by April here, GOOD BOOKS GOOD WINE.



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2 responses to “15 Day Book Blogging Challenge!|Day One

  1. #5 – I’m going to have to google “1800s surgical theatre!”
    #15 – I love you. Me too and I’m working on not being so judgy against white male authors… meh. It’s hard not to judge. Ha!

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